Churches Homa-Bay And Their Duty To Society

By Marci Nielsen

Over the ages, man has felt the need to identify with the supernatural forces. With he many things that science cannot account for, man have had to deal with the fact that there is a greater power. This is where religion comes in. Human beings have formed distinct ways to worship god. There re many worship centres in every town or city where the dwellers flock to worship as they feel right. Here are a few facts about churches Homa-bay Kenya and their roles in society.

The old days saw missionaries come to Homa-bay Kenya to preach the gospel to the people. The Homa-bay people were beneficiaries of these visits. The Catholic Church was a part of this mission to bring light to the part of the world that was yet to see it. The church was successful as it has quite a substantial following. There are many people in the area who are staunch in the ways and teachings of this church. Every weekend on Sundays, man people head to their local church to celebrate the holy mass.

The mass services are conducted by the parish priest sometimes. This is different as at times one of a few chosen parishioners is allowed to take over when the priests are not available. This is due to the shortage of priests. While these people are allowed to conduct the mass, they are not allowed to give the sacrament to parishioners. Their work should not be confused with those of priests as they cannot perform priestly duties.

The region has a number of Adventists. The Adventists were converted by the missionaries who also came to spread the word. Though they are fewer than Catholics, there are a number of the seventh day believers. The church could not have gained many followers as the Catholic Church was strongly rooted among the people.

Another church that can be seen in many parts of Homa-bay is the full gospel church. This can be termed as a protestant church. These are the churches that formed as a result of a disagreement in the ways of worship that the Catholic Church advocated for. The full gospel church in the region has been of great influence to society.

The region has seen many more churches being established each rising day. The mainstream church which has been deeply rooted in this society has come through for a society in many ways. There have been initiatives that have helped the society.

The children home in this town was started by the full gospel back in the days. In the mid 1960s the home was aimed at giving a home to the kids that did not have parents. With the high numbers of HIV deaths in the region, such establishments have held in society together.

The religious centres are set towards making the residents more morally upright and rebuilding the society. The church has been a key role player in matters society. With almost every person here being religious, the church is quite influential. The church has been trying to hold together the society and even bring together the people for a long time. This is of great good for the whole society.

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