Pastor David Oloo And His Ministries

By Marci Nielsen

The Good Shepard Ministries is located in the city of Kisumu, which is in Kenya, East Africa. The house of worship is located in Homa Bay, Kenya, which is approximately seventy miles away by land or thirty six miles by Lake Victoria. The house of worship was called Christ Faith Evangelical Church, but the church is in the process of change. They are pleased to announce their new name, the Good Shepard House of Worship. Pastor David Oloo is the senior pastor at the Good Shepard House of Worship and also served in this capacity at the predecessor church beginning in 2007.

David Oloo spent almost four years of his life, from 2005 to 2008, to organize the orphanage in Homa Bay, which is home to twenty five children. The area has been deeply affected by AIDS, and most of these children have lost parents and relatives because of the disease. The management of the orphanage has since changed, but thankfully it continues to provide a Christian home to all these children.

The church was able to purchase a plot of land in Homa Bay in 2010 thanks to the generosity of an American member. As with any true act of charity, the donor is not named. The building was completed in 2011. The facility can house up to six hundred people for services. The American benefactor continues to donate proceeds from her business to fund the church.

The beauty of Kisumu and its people make it a wonderful home for the ministries and the church. Kisumu is a port city with a shoreline on Lake Victoria. The population is around four hundred thousand. There area many attractions where tourists can learn about the city and its culture. Kisumu is working towards environmental awareness and improvements. There is a wildlife sanctuary for animals, and the cheetahs are magnificent. They also continue to work for preservation of the wetlands of Dunga Beach.

In the community, David Oloo is well known for his work to benefit children and the community. His father, Bishop Nashon Oloo has worked on some projects, such as the orphanage, with Pastor Oloo. The Good Shepard Ministries share the teachings of the Christian faith as practiced in the Western hemisphere. Their Baptism is with full water immersion, and they believe firmly that the bible is the word of God.

The ministries website includes a link to some suggested reading. In their work with Westerners, the ministries came to realize there is a cultural gap between the African and the Western way of thinking about money and its management. The reading is intended to bridge that gap and reduce errors due to difficult communications and misunderstanding.

As with any humble servant of the Lord, Pastor Oloo will credit his accomplishments to the will of God. The work done in the ministries will always be guided by God and not for the glory of any one man or woman. The pastor is known for his good works and is thankful for the guidance of the Lord.

A trip to Kisumu would be an excellent adventure. Both the cities of Kisumu and Homa Bay enjoy inspiring views to Lake Victoria. The land and the people are not to be missed. The good pastor acknowledges the gifts God has given his homeland.

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