Concerning How To Restore Faded Fiberglass

By Marci Nielsen

Gel coat is the outer layer of fiberglass. Its structural value is not significant. However, it gives the product its shine and color. In addition, it offers protection to the hull. Read on to know more on how to restore faded fiberglass.

Over time, the conditions the product is exposed to cause the outer layer to fade. The resulting product looks chalky and also dull. Nevertheless, this situation can be quickly fixed. You should start the restoration process by cleaning the surface. If you can get hot water then you should use it in this process. A sponge for scrubbing is also needed. Ensure you have a detergent. Some of them are corrosive and you ought to use protective gear.

If there is mildew, you will have to add some bleach. Sometimes, stains are difficult to eliminate. You will have to apply a concentrated cleaner directly to the spot. Do not forget to rinse the surface thoroughly after the cleaning process. You can use a clean cotton cloth to dry the product or let it dry naturally.

Ensure there are no traces of oil before proceeding. Cleaning alone cannot guarantee this. That is why you need to get more serious oil removers. They include acetone and MEK. Make sure there are several cotton cloths to use in removing the oil. After accomplishing this you can wax the fiberglass. This is an essential step which helps in prolonging the life of the product.

The procedure of applying wax differs depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you have to read the instructions given. Nevertheless, a foam pad or cloth is used in applying the wax. Proceed in circular motions. After the wax has dried, you should buff the excess using a soft piece of cloth.

The next step is polishing. This should be done using an abrasive. Fine sandpaper is preferred. It will remove pitted areas. This is not something you can achieve with coating. You should tackle a small section at a time. In addition, the motions have to be circular. Go on until you can see your reflection on the surface. An extra layer of wax should be added after you are done polishing for protection. Some preparations contain wax in the formulation.

If the surface has been eroded extensively, you should get a better abrasive. Before applying fresh wax, you ought to do away with the old one. If you ignore this, the particular surface will not be even. Straight strokes are preferred. There are several solutions that can be utilized for this process. However, toluene is more common.

The last step is application of a restorer. There are so many brands in the market. However, they mode of action is not different from that of wax. However, you do not have to buff the item after applying the restorer. The results are stunning. However, remember that the product flakes off leading to discoloration over time. Thus, you will have to do this more often.

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