Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer Provides Legal Help For Victims

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Immediately following a car crash any obvious injuries must be given first consideration. If no one needs immediate attention, the second thing to do is call the police. No discussion should take place between yourself and the other driver. This is the first bit of advice your Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer would give.

It is wise not to make any statement regarding the accident. The police will ask questions of both drivers. Exchange of insurance information is routine. Take pictures of the scene if possible. The automobiles will be moved off the road shortly and the exact details altered.

Be careful of what you say to any insurance agent who may get in touch with you. If you are asked to sign anything do not comply. First get the advice of an attorney to represent your best interests. He or she will make certain you get a fair amount of money as a settlement.

When you talk to an attorney it will be to decide if you have a valid case and if you want him or her to represent you. There is usually no upfront payment required. Upon settling or winning your case in court, he will be entitled to a pre-agreed upon percentage of the award. This is usually from one third to forty percent of the total claim.

Your medical bill should be figured, including any that will occur in the future as a result of the car crash. Your vehicle should be repaired or replaced for you. In many instances an amount is awarded for pain and suffering endured.

Your attorney will often try to settle the claim out of court. This is in your best interest as long as the other party is agreeable to the amount of the settlement. If the case must go to trial it will take up your time. Plus, you will wait longer to collect any monies you are entitled to.

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