Things To Know Before Going Out To Get Your Haida Gwaii Accommodations

By Marci Nielsen

Many in recent years are starting to visit British Columbia for short jaunts and vacations. Quite a few are discovering and putting into their itinerary the Haida Gwaii archipelago. May would be thinking of looking for hotel in Haida Gwaii, but before you look for Haida Gwaii accommodations, you must know a little bit more about the island chain and what it has to offer.

Haida Gwaii, being an island chain, will definitely have a majority of its activities to be water related or involving water. A year round activity that many go to the islands for are various kinds of whale watching which occurs year round.

Quite a few will say that this area is the best area in the world to go on a whale watching tour. It is a good place to be able to catch a glimpse or even an extended view of killer whales, gray whales and humpbacks. The frequency by which you see these of course will be higher on certain days and months than others. As with any other ecological observation, it will definitely depend on month and season the chances you get of seeing more than one species. Doing your research beforehand and even talking to locals about best times will increase your chances of having more views per hour.

Plenty of land activities exist as well on these islands. There are quite a few hiking and camping spots dotted around the islands for those that enjoy these kinds of activities. Hand in hand with this one can enjoy kayaking and fishing as well. Most popular activities are biking in the morning followed by just lounging and lazing around the beaches in the afternoons until evening.

The Haida are a friendly people and are the local inhabitants of the islands. If learning about local history and culture is your cup of tea, they would be more than happy to indulge you. It is, however recommended that you read up on some aspects of their culture beforehand to avoid embarrassing situations and questions.

As one travels from one island to another, one cannot help but notice the large number of totem poles erected around the area. There are the recorded histories of each of the families on the islands, and thus sacred and important. One would be quite correct in saying that they look like Alaskan totems, since the Haida also occupy large portions of the Alaskan state.

It will take you the better part of four days, more or less, to be fully immersed in local culture and learn all about the local history. During this four day jaunt you can visit a lot of communities which have their own museums and displays of arts and crafts. Here you will learn about the bent wood techniques that are used by almost all North American Indian tribes to make their furniture and implements.

To get to this group of islands, the most accessible route is by plane via Toronto, which only takes two hours. Or you can opt to take a boat or ferry which will take longer at around eight hours. Either way, both methods of transport will take you to a place worth remembering and never forget.

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