Things To Do In Asuncion In Paraguay

By Jonny Blair

This is a list of the 5 best things to do in Asuncion, Paraguay.

People talk about places like Rio, Buenos Aires and Cuzco when they mention South America. They don't often mention Paraguay. Which is why it's an excellent option to go off the beaten track and visit Asuncion. It's an inspirational city and contains a lot of charm. Get over to Asuncion and check it out.

1. Visit South America's First Ever Train Station

Asuncion housed South America's first ever train station and instead of destroying it when it wasn't needed, they have turned it into a museum. This is a great place to head to and reminisce and relax! Plus you're one of very few tourists so you will have the whole place to yourself!

2. The Slums and the border to Argentina

Asuncion has some very run down areas, and these slums are down by the riverside. The slums are cool to look at in the day time but at night it's not really recommended. You can stare across at Argentina as Paraguay borders it. A river separates Asuncion from Argentina. You can boat or bus it across to another country if you like.

3. Reminisce about Jose Luis Chilavert

If you want to see a massive football stadium where history was made then head to Estadio Defensores Del Chaco in Asuncion, Paraguay. It's a great stadium and players like Santa Cruz and Jose Luis Chilavert have played here. Paraguay have been impressive in a lot of recent World Cups and this is their home venue. It's well worth checking out and a bus from the city centre can take you there.

4. Plaza de Los Heroes and Buildings

Paraguay, like most countries has a history of war and this is remembered by the monuments and plaques in Heroes Square. It's worth a visit and Paraguay also has a lot of army around them.

There are other buildings worth a visit while you are backpacking in Asuncion. As well as the Heroes Square, you should look out for the Cathedral, the Palace, the army buildings and lots of local churches.

5. Heading out at night

When the sun sinks from Asuncion's skyline, the most surprising thing is that the city centre becomes the sort of ghost town even Casper would be surprised about. That's when you get your party shoes on and enjoy yourself. I managed to get pissed with my travel buddies, befriend some locals and get inspired. Gasping for a return to this city. Local beer is Pilsen but the Britannia Pub in the city brews their own beer which is worth trying.

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