Major Views On Catholic Issues

By Kathleen Murphy

There is a lot of information and commentary regarding catholic all over. The hard part now is choosing important issues to follow. A knowledge on the history of the church provides necessary tools that make it possible to deal with the current issues threatening faith, theology, moral and social aspects of church. Some of the Catholic Issues are discussed below.

Modern civilization has brought forth several issues that are quite challenging to the community. Things such as advancement in technology and also the changing dynamics are very sensitive issues that have to be dealt with carefully. Religion has been under attack and as an effect the number of religious leaders has greatly been on the decline. This trend especially took its toll in the 1980s. In US, a shortage in the priests has been experienced.

Owing to the above issue, American faithful had their own opinions, though it was not what the Vatican wanted to hear. A survey that was conducted by the American Press Poll showed that most Catholics favored appointment of female priests, and favored the opinion that policies should be changed to allow priests to marry.

Reading through news reports one will notice an increase in number of sexual harassment cases occurring in community. The church holds a record increase in sexual misconduct cases. They have however been more concerned on the image of religion than dealing justice to assaulted. The followers of this faith have challenged the concerned leaders to make sure that accused priests face the consequences for their actions.

Another very sensitive and controversial issue is the question on homosexuality. Despite the fact that church is able to recognize that some individuals in the society are gay, the church is still calling on gay people to practice abstinence. Issues regarding sexuality in the clergy have come up in the wake of scandals facing priests in American churches. A poll conducted recently showed that most faithful believe that it has reached a time that church needs to re-examine its stance on homosexuality and celibacy.

One of the most celebrated catholic leaders of all time Pope John Paul was a man of his opinion. For the 26 years that he was supreme among catholic leaders never once did he waiver his opinion or change stand on crucial issues. Communism and the use of birth control measures are some of the things that he strongly opposed. To date he is blamed for population explosion in some communities.

Some few issues have led to a large cultural gap between the Vatican and US Catholic Church. The Vatican has remained staunchly opposed to ordination of women while a huge number of Americans seem to support the idea or ordaining women. A large percentage of a survey conducted responded that women need to be offered rights to join priesthood.

Common script condemns sexual relations between people who are not married. This issue is approached with threats that God will make such sinners pay for their actions. This approach has been met with several critics. The idea of a vengeful god has been received well by the masses.

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