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By Jason Kordobu

Businesses either provide a service or manufacture a product. Functions and jobs that pertain to the productivity of a company are generally handled best in house. There are other functions that have nothing to do with the productivity of the business but still must be done regularly. Payroll is one of these functions. With time and laws it has become increasingly cumbersome and more complicated. Small companies are smart to outsource this function to Monterey CA small business payroll service.

A small company has to work harder to build a trusted brand name. The company resources need to be used efficiently and effectively. With all the filing requirements associated with the various tax agencies, the process of paying employees has become exceedingly cumbersome. Outsourcing the work associated with paychecks is a strategic move.

At month end and year end there is additional work to be done. Preparation of Form W2 and of 1099s must be completed, filed and dispersed to employees. It will save a small company time and money when it outsources all of the tasks and filings that need to be completed to pay employees and to be in compliance with government regulations.

It takes training to complete paychecks and all the associated filings and payments. Failure to comply with legal demands of the various agencies can result in the business being fined, an unnecessary and costly event.

The services can also manage your employee time sheets and set up direct deposit for paychecks. Employee pay can be allocated to the department where the employee works. With this service companies are able to see which departments are profitable and which are not.

Employees may receive paychecks on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. Their pay may be hourly, salary, commission or a combination of these types of pay. This work has become too complicated to be performed by anyone lacking the training. There are so many reasons that outsourcing payroll makes sense.

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